Dead Drop

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Frequently asked questions

What is

It is the simplest way to make files from one person or computer available to another person or computer that I could think of.

How does it work?

Whenever you access you are assigned a random bucket. You can then upload files to the bucket. Anyone with the link to the bucket can then access the files. When you are done, you can just empty the bucket. Otherwise, the bucket is removed after about 24 hours.

When is it useful?

Why is it called deaddrop?

A dead drop or dead letter box is a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items between two individuals using a secret location and thus does not require them to meet directly. Using a dead drop permits a case officer and agent to exchange objects and information while maintaining operational security. (Source: Wikipedia)

This is the online equivalent.

Is it secure?

Pretty much. The communication is encrypted and the bucket names are random. So it's more or less equivalent to a service where you log in with a password. If you use a long random bucket name, it's probably not possible to brute-force it.

But the bucket names are too short!

That's not a question.

Aren't the bucket names too short?

The default bucket names are meant to be able to type. If you want to use a longer bucket name, be my guest. You can just put any string in the url and that will be you bucket. How about

But you can see all the files, right?

Well, yes. If you want it to be really secure, you should probably encrypt the files before uploading them as well.

Can I see the source code?

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